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    Acer Palmatum Fire Glow


    Acer Palmatum Fire Glow


    Medium sized maple cultivar which may reach a height of 3 meters with time, although its size is easily controlled by non invasive pruning.
    Highly appreciated for its great versatility, this cultivar nevertheless needs enough space as it tends to broaden its foliage and thus create more of a shrub. It is best suited to ample spaces with sunny or partially shaded exposure.


    Cultivar distinguishable/recognisable by small leaves of a bright red colour even in new growth, which it retains under the appropriate exposure conditions until the end of autumn, at which point the colouration becomes darker and more intense.
    The palmate leaves are well defined and carried upright.


    To facilitate root growth this cultivar prefers soft, moist and well-drained terrain. Ensure enough water is present in the summer months to prevent desiccating leaves.
    Frequent flooding, however, especially in heavier terrain unsuited to this plant, is to be avoided as it can lead to fungus and necrosis.