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    Acer Palmatum Bloodgood


    Acer Palmatum Bloodgood


    Fast growing maple cultivar which may reach heights up to 5-6 meters and requires pruning, especially if a particular shape is to be maintained.
    This versatile and pliable plant is suitable for smaller spaces as it tends to develop into a classic reverse cone shape and thinner towards the top. It may become invasive to other plants placed too close. Prefers a sunny or semi-shaded exposure.


    This cultivar is recognisable by its dark red leaves while the new growth has a ruby red colour. Under the right conditions these colours are retained until the end of autumn, when they develop towards purple.
    The leaves are of a large size, palmate, well defined and tend to be carried upright.


    To facilitate root growth this cultivar prefers soft, moist and well-drained terrain. Ensure enough water is present in the summer months to prevent desiccating leaves.
    Frequent flooding, however, especially in heavier terrain unsuited to this plant, is to be avoided as it can lead to fungus and necrosis.