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    Acer Dissectum Inaba Shidare


    Acer Dissectum Inaba Shidare


    This cultivar has a medium fast growth rate and tends to develop long branches that are easily pruned to maintain the umbrella shape characteristic for this plant.
    It requires adequate space for its generous growth and it is not well adapted to corners and narrow spaces, preferring in stead a sunny or semi-shaded exposure.


    The classic maple red colour with slightly darker tones in the newer growth is maintained during the entire season if provided with adequate sun exposure.
    The leaves are well distinct and divided with deep nerves. In autumn the leaves develop a yellow-orange color before detaching from the plant.


    To facilitate root growth this cultivar prefers soft, moist and well-drained terrain. Ensure enough water is present in the summer months to prevent desiccating leaves.
    Frequent flooding, however, especially in heavier terrain unsuited to this plant, is to be avoided as it can lead to fungus and necrosis.