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    Acer Dissectum Garnet


    The main features of this cultivar are the umbrella shape and moderate speed of growth lead to the capacity to maintain a rounded, compact crown with only light pruning, in case of malformations. It adapts itself well to limited spaces on balconies, terraces, or in small gardens, but still requires its own area with a sunny or semi-shaded exposure.


    The foliage displays a ruby red colour in spring, take on a darker tint in summer, and finally transform into an intense red in autumn – if appropriately exposed to sunlight. The leaves are well defined and jagged with deep veins and are carried slightly drooped.


    To facilitate root growth this cultivar prefers soft, moist and well-drained terrain. Ensure enough water is present in the summer months to prevent desiccating leaves. Frequent flooding, however, especially in heavier terrain unsuited to this plant, is to be avoided as it can lead to fungus and necrosis.